Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"The White House"

This is one of the few photos I have of the house after some of the original renovations after we opened up all the verandahs. I can't find any other photos of that time, but we put stairs on the front and painted the house white with white verandah balustrades and a dark green railing. We planted a mock orange hedge and a poinciana tree and a japanese maple in the front garden some time after this photo was taken. This photo would be from 1996 before the new roof. Where does the time go.....

Fast forward to 2011. The hedge had grown as had our beautiful Poinciana tree, giving us some privacy when we were on our verandah, as well as a profuse display of stunning red flowers in the summer months. We had become used to giving people directions to our house over the years as "it's the white house with the tin roof" which over the years became "it's the scruffy white house with the peeling paint".

This is one of the last photos I took the weekend we moved out of the house before the renovation began.

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