Monday, September 19, 2011

The best laid plans

We started out the renovation process thinking hard about what we wanted to achieve.
A spare bedroom - yes. A second bathroom - yes. Room for kids to play - yes. Media room/butlers' pantry/outdoor kitchen - err, no thanks. When we saw the plans drawn up comparing the existing floor plan with the proposed floor plans, we realised why we had been feeling so cramped and constrained for all those years.

the existing floor plan with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom but
lots of verandah space and a "cosy" family home

first floor plan - with an extra bedroom - yay - at last my mum
will have somewhere to sleep other than the floor when
she visits

proposed ground floor plan with lots of storage space for
the inevitable junk that we all accumulate

The two things I am most excited about are the new kitchen, and then - somewhat ridiculously - the laundry chute from the bathroom upstairs to the laundry downstairs. Maybe I am just a desperate housewife at heart.....

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