Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our home away from home.

Once the scale of our renovation became clear, we realised that we would have to move out for 6 months. Having lived in the house for so long, this was fairly daunting - there was a lot of "stuff". It felt like every spare moment we had was spent packing, culling, driving to the dump, trying to rationalise it all. The staff at the local Vinnies would start to wince when I came in with yet another box of offerings.

We were incredibly lucky that through serendipity we have been able to house sit a Queenslander in our neighbouring suburb. Close enough to walk to school, still keep in touch with the renovation, and most importantly of all, have a home for our boisterous and exhausting delightful and beautifully trained dalmatian Ruby.

look at that face - what's not to love?

We have enjoyed creating a little home from home as I have always been a "nester".

gorgeous poppies from a dear friend

delicious wild raspberries growing in the garden

My most favourite thing of all is the ruby red KitchenAid mixer that Bronwyn left for us to use while she was away. I have lusted over these for years and could never quite justify getting one as I have a hand held mixer that does the job just as well ... or so I thought. I have been baking up a storm with this lovely machine though and think it will be difficult to go back to my old mixer.

I ♥ KitchenAid

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