Thursday, September 29, 2011

she's taking shape

Our builders continue to set a cracking pace. Over the space of what felt like a few days the whole external frame went up. It started to become much easier to visualise the plans taking shape, and see how the layout and proportions would be. Some things were more spacious than we thought, other spaces have turned out to be much smaller and will be the subject of another post. Our builder has been fantastic and has worked through these issues with us, but there have been a few interesting moments...

rooms upstairs taking shape, this will be the kitchen
with one bedroom on the right and the future stairs in
the middle.

this space is for bi-fold doors opening out
onto the new part of the deck from what will
be the kitchen.

external frame with the 2 storeys looking
from the back of the garden just inside the
pool fence

scaffolding (= $$$)

Within a few days the roof was on, followed by
a week of mud and rain.

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