Monday, September 19, 2011


The first two weeks there seemed to be a huge amount of work going on. The house was gutted, the back pulled off in one afternoon, and then it was raised and restumped. The following week with clear blue skies, the new slab was laid with incredible precision and a team of about 20 men and 18 concrete trucks over the course of the day. Yes, we were very popular indeed with all our long suffering neighbours that day - not!

Once the slab was down and had dried out, the builders set to work putting up the external frame downstairs for the new garage and then the rumpus and office out the back.

The house looked much higher and longer than before which took a bit of getting used to. All our friends commented that it was rather big (subtext: what are you thinking - you are a family of three people....) and even my boss has nicknamed it the Taj Mahal. Thanks mate.

Once the walls are all up and it's full of our junk treasured items, it will look cosy and not quite so "big".

our front timber stairs taking shape

the back of the Taj

rumpus on left, office on right

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