Thursday, September 29, 2011

the largest room in the house

We always loved the gracious Colonial style Queenslanders with their beautiful stairs and symmetry. If possible we wanted to hide our garage away and not have a car port that dominated the front of the house. We are lucky to have enough space on the block, and to have a floor plan that can accommodate this. Our plan was to hide the garage underneath the house, and to have it accessible from the driveway. So far so good.

Somehow though we have ended up with a garage that while it is undoubtedly concealed from the street and the front of the house, is the largest space in the house. It could hold 4 cars.... and we only have 2 small cars. Everyone who comes to look at the house - almost without fail - says "mmmm. The garage is pretty big isn't it". The man of the house has great plans for a wind trainer, and the boy of the house wants the space to scooter around in. I suppose I should be glad I don't have to mop the floor.

house viewed from the front garden this week - partially painted.
Front wall of the garage is the timber palings,
unpainted in this photo

closer look at the garage space

side entrance of the garage. This shows the
side of the house progressing nicely -
external cladding finished, windows in and
painting almost done.

the garage - the biggest room in the house...
The roller door will be installed next week so it looks
like it will also be the first space to be

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  1. Hello, have just discovered your blog and love a good renovation, especially an old Queenslander. We are in a similar boat and slowly getting there. I look forward to watching your progress. Best wishes! ;-)