Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too many choices

One of the less pleasant aspects of the renovation was choosing all the "stuff" for the new kitchen and bathrooms. Somehow in the years leading up to this renovation, when I would daydream about it finally happening, I envisaged being organised, decisive and well informed - making all the "right" decisions in a calm and methodical way.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Our builder wanted us to make all these choices well before the renovation had even begun. It all started out so well..... but how quickly I became overwhelmed. Wall oven or freestanding oven? Induction or gas ? Mixer tap or not ? Traditional or modern ? Soft close toilet seat anyone ??? Mosaic tiles or glass splashback? It went on and on.

I became a slightly crazy woman who could talk at length about all of these options, desperately asking friends and colleagues for their opinion in the hope that they would help me make these decisions. People at work started to develop a tic as I approached them, stepping into empty offices and trying hard not to make eye contact so as to avoid the subject.

In the end something kind of snapped one weekend when I realised that there are more important things in this world - like being lucky enough to have a roof over your head - so I impulsively made some choices and have now forgotten what most of them were. We are almost at the stage now of all of that hardware going into the house, so fingers crossed I got at least some of them "right".

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