Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let the chaos begin

One sunny day in July this year it all started. The first few days our old house was basically gutted. It was hard to stay positive as wall after wall came down, and the back of the house was there one morning and then the next it had disappeared. It was as if a giant can opener had been used on the back of the house. The front stairs were demolished. I was a bit emotional at all this and I think the builder was worried he had a nutter on his hands....

ready to be raised and a shadow of her former self

We had debated endlessly whether or not to raise the house to build in underneath, or whether to just extend the house and leave it as it was. In the end practicality won the day and we decided to raise the house - but I still love the stately low set colonial Queenslanders.

up she goes

precarious balancing act

raised and restumped

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