Monday, August 27, 2012

Roman Blinds and Christmas in ....... August

Some of you may remember me posting a while ago about my dilemma
over blinds or window coverings in our main bedroom.
I love the look of the Plantation blinds, but had some issues around the door handle 
of the French door getting in the way.

Turns out I had some husband issues too - when broaching this topic the man
of the house decided that "We don't live in a beach house. Or the Hamptons. So I don't like 
those Plantation blinds". Ok, I may have made up that Hamptons bit, 
I'm pretty sure the man of the house doesn't know about the whole Hamptons vibe, but
if he did, he wouldn't like it.

So I turned my mind to Roman Blinds.
After much discussion, and patience on the part of the lovely people
here, we now have some beautiful Roman blinds.
It's hard to photograph them as the light is very bright in the bedroom, but
we love them. They are a white linen (look creamy in the photos but 
they are white) with a grey linen trim at the sides 
and along the bottom. 

And I can safely say this as the man of the house never reads the blog - 
I think these blinds are a softer look than the Plantation blinds would 
have been, and I like them more. 

Where did the weekend go? I love this time of year so much, everything 
is coming alive again but it's not too hot and humid yet. I was in David Jones at Carindale
 on Friday and was shocked to see their Christmas displays and store were up and running.
In August! I took a photo as evidence and very quickly someone scurried up to me telling
me I needed management approval to take photos in the store. I deleted the photo as I
didn't want to argue with this poor person who was no doubt only acting on orders from
above - but this must be some sort of record surely? Christmas in August ?!?

I've been reluctant to have any personal photos here on the blog - but
we went to our babysitter's 21st party this weekend and I thought I'd share this
one. The dress code was "Masquerade". We had a great time and it was lovely
seeing our babysitter - who we have known since she was 12 - as a beautiful young woman
celebrating with her friends and family. I had a tear in my eye at the speeches.  

so here we are, the man of the house and I
in all our masked finery. I will say that the 
man of the house was a bit too keen on the sparkly 
 spiderman mask for my liking......


  1. The Roman blinds are lovely and the detail down the sides make them look very elegant.
    I remember seeing Christmas things in Myer last year in September....but August?? Wow!
    Lastly, you both look very dapper in your masks.

    1. Thanks Beth. I loved seeing your birthday celebrations for Sibs on Instagram. It looked as if you all had a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Love the roman blinds and the masks - don't be too reluctant to post photos. I was the same, but now - what the heck!

    1. I know - there's no stopping you now. I'm sure I'll be the same x

  3. The blinds look amazing - so smart with the black trim! What a great choice for an old QLD'er, beautiful white - love it!!! (me jealous :(


    1. Thanks so much Annie! I love your blog - you always show us such fantastic houses with plenty to wistfully sigh over. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Fiona x

  4. You know, I find that husband issue cute. :D But addressing it, I think Roman blinds are the perfect type of drapes. Roman blinds are elegant and practical, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your husband complaining about its appearance. :p Plus, with the wide variety of options, you’ll surely find a design that would meet both you and your husband’s tastes.