Thursday, February 16, 2012

bedroom update

It's been a long time between posts. Partly because there hasn't been much to post about, but
mostly because my beautiful Mum has been out here from Germany. She is
the most frequent reader of this blog, and since I had her here in person I didn't need to post.
We had such a lovely time: for the first time she didn't have to sleep on
the floor in the boy of the house's bedroom. What luxury to have a spare bedroom!
I loved showing her the house and we had fun fossicking for little treasures for the house.
Miss you Mum x x x

Last week the long awaited bedhead and valance from Heatherly Design arrived.
We chose the Richmond design in Catalina Storm fabric. It is fabulous, and all I can say is
that my iPhone photos of course don't do it justice. It makes the bedroom look very grown up!

New bedhead, cushions still a work in progress.
I have had the bedside tables for years - they have
some sentimental value and apparently used to be
bedside tables for patients at the old
Brisbane Private Hospital.
They are a little tall for the bed but I'll wait and see
how the room feels.
The two vertical beams behind the bed are very noticeable
in the photo but are not as obvious in real life -
that's where the door into our bedroom used to be -
I think they are structural supports and used to be the actual

more bedhead detail

these are some photos on the wall to the right
of the bed - photos from 40 years ago (eek) of
me with my little brother. How I love those
photos, and they satisfy my need to recreate that
family feeling even though my family are far way.

on the other wall I have a family tree that
my Oma (german grandmother)
embroidered for my Mum - it has now
been handed on to me. I would love to embroider
one of these for my own little
family one day.

and this is what happens when you forget about curtains
and blinds, and then get too busy to do anything about it...
almost 3 months after moving in and we still
have this tasteful arrangement of sheet + painters
masking tape.

I can't believe I am still unpacking boxes..... we are getting through all the little jobs, but it is taking a lot of time, and life and work most inconveniently get in the way! We have almost finished the office downstairs which is good as the man of the house will be working from home, but the rumpus room still looks like a bomb hit it. We still can only park one car in the garage as there is "stuff" in there blocking the second car spot. Sigh.
Watch this space.