Monday, September 3, 2012

Taj Mahal for chickens

Well, we have taken the plunge and have added 3 feathered girls to 
our family. Meet Sophie, Matilda and Gracie.
We have taken an area at the back of our garden that is very shaded - nothing 
has ever grown there - and have turned it into a chicken run.
They have plenty of room to roam and peck and whatever else they like
to do - and when they need a bit of down time they have some
nesting boxes and a lovely bespoke timber ladder to roost on.

 boy wonder is of course beside himself and has been 
spending almost every waking moment with them

 there was a lot of indignant barking from the spotty dog
when they arrived in what she felt was HER garden

 I think she's worried about where she is now in the 
pecking order

Our three girls are Isa Browns. They are supposedly very hardy, don't mind all the
man-handling that is inevitable with children, and are profuse layers of eggs.
I say supposedly as so far we haven't seen any eggs. 
We got them from here - they were extremely helpful.

 I fell in love with these lovely little hens - they are 
Silver Spangled Hamburgs. I thought they would look good
with the spotty dog, and had to be *patiently* reminded
by the man of the house muttering under his breath
 that we were looking for chickens that would give us lots
of eggs rather than designer chickens....

Spring is well and truly here. It's been glorious these past few days.
I just wish we'd get a bit of rain as the garden needs it.
It has felt good though to open up the house and use the verandah fully again.

 Sunday was the first day since winter that we have 
fully opened up the bi-fold doors from the kitchen to
the verandah. The spotty dog looks so well behaved
in this photo - maybe she thinks she's been put on 
notice now that the chickens are here.

I had almost finished this post and then boy wonder called me out to the
garden as the chickens were squawking a lot. We ventured out to their coop
and found not three but only one chicken. Disaster! I had visions of a monster
snake having eaten them, or a cat having carried them off. We then found the
escapees - one of them had ended up on the fence between us and our
neighbours, and the other one was up the macadamia tree. The chicken run has
a fence that is 6 feet high - not sure how that happened. We need to add a roof asap.

 escapee one

escapee two

After all this late night drama and chicken rescue, I need a glass of red.


  1. Oh no with the chicken dramas! Did not know they could get out so easily. Laughed at the designer chickens coordinating with the spotty dog too. xx

  2. I think your girls have been watching too much of the Chicken Run movie. LOL. Poor spotty dog - it's ok.

  3. Easier solution - rather than putting roof on hen house get your sissors out and clip one wing. Very easy to do particularly if they are being handled at the moment. Just one wing needs clipping - it will keep them grounded.

    1. Eek. That does sound like a practical solution but the reality of it makes me feel squeamish. You can tell I am a city girl. Presumably it's just clipping feathers ?

    2. Yes just the feathers - just like giving them a haircut only feathery!

  4. The chickens are wonderful! I still can't get over that good dog waiting at the edge of the verandah. It was lovely to bump into you recently. Xxxx

  5. Caught up at last! Your home looks so beautiful and calm and the chickens take me back to my own childhood. Lots of love xx

  6. We went with the roof option, I couldn't bear clipping the wings.