Monday, April 9, 2012

the changing face of Queensland houses and the traditional Queenslander

We live in a beautiful riverside suburb just east of the city, and like all inner city suburbs it
has undergone a significant transformation over the past 10 - 15 years. Since I have lived here for
such a long time, I have seen a lot of these changes. Initially when I moved here in the mid 90's, there
were a lot of single dwellings on double blocks. These have progressively been renovated, or more recently the blocks have been split, with two houses being built on the block. As well as the replica "Queenslanders" that are built, there are many different styles that are now being built, though they
are supposed to comply with the character code. Thank goodness the trend for the Tuscan style villa has passed - I always thought they were not suited to the Queensland climate.

We are about to head into my favourite time of year in Brisbane, the heat and humidity of summer will 
soon fade, and I love walking the spotted dog through our local streets and seeing the changes that 
are happening. I think of Queenslanders as being the traditional timber and tin houses, but they are 
reducing in number.

 this is a classic Queenslander near our house, and it has all
the features that I love: low set, on a larger block, set back from the
street, large poinciana in the front garden, and it's white :)
 this house was renovated two years ago and has some 
contemporary touches but maintains the traditional 
 another local favourite
 the house above from the side

 this house is directly across the road from us - it has been repainted last year
and has been transformed - it used to be a peachy/apricot colour
 another renovation - bringing it up to date but
maintaining the traditional features too

Some of the new builds are amazing, you would think the house had always been there:

 this house makes me think of A-M - I love it
 another new house that I love - plenty of verandah space, natural 
light in the house, and a feeling of openness
 this house was built around the corner from us about 8 or 10
years ago. I remember being surprised at the time that it was approved.
Now a few years on it doesn't look so stark as the landscaping has softened it, but
it's still not a favourite of mine
 I'm sure these houses are very practical and low maintenance
(everything that traditional Queenslanders aren't) but it's not a 
style I like
 this recently completed house has polarised my friends in the area -
it's a dark grey and black and is quite arresting. I actually love it. 
How blue is that Queensland sky?
these seemed to have popped up in gardens everywhere
this afternoon when I was on my walk. They still
make me smile when I see them in all their
ridiculous beauty.


  1. I love older houses. For the warmth of memory and the intrigue of history. Lovely photos

  2. You have a lovely neighbourhood. The old Queenslanders do sit so well in the landscape. I actually like the house which is not your favourite. It looks like it would be nice and cool in summer with the its wide eaves. xx

  3. Makes me feel homesick....I love seeing all those Queenslanders together, it makes you realise how beautiful they really are. The modern boxes leave me cold. Hope you had a lovely Easter F!