Sunday, August 19, 2012

white picket fence

It's been a beautiful weekend here in Brisbane. It really
feels as if spring is here - and I feel much more energised and motivated
to get things done in and around the old girl. 

I've been channeling Brismod this afternoon and have started painting our fence. 
It last had some attention in the late 90's when the palings were undercoated.....
Somehow I never got round to painting the fence properly. We've just had our front gate 
fixed (it closes properly for the first time in about 12 years), and with the now mismatched 
palings, it was high time to tackle the job. We are using a Resene colour,
White Pointer, in quarter strength. 

 there's a lot of fence to cover

 functioning front gate at long last

 man of the house putting in some hours with the paintbrush.
I noticed he didn't quite look the part the way Brismod's Jason does - 
but thought it prudent not to mention this given this paintbrush outing was 
the first in a long time...

I've been sprucing up other areas of the old girl too. Boy wonder's bedroom 
has been in need of a de-clutter and I started doing that with him this weekend. 
I found a great bookcase at the WAC, and went to Freedom to buy a bedside table
for him. They didn't have it in stock which was fine, it can wait, but the relief of
the staff was palpable when I said I didn't mind waiting for 10 days. I asked them
surely people understand that you can't keep everything in stock? 
They said that most of the time customers get very rude and impatient
if the furniture they want is not in stock and available 
there and then. Made me wonder what the world is coming to.

 wonder if boy wonder will keep it this tidy.....

Boy wonder had a friend for a sleepover this weekend and we all went for a bike ride
via ferry over to New Farm Park. Too early for the Jacarandas but it won't 
be long.

 boardwalk at Tenerife

 Most Brisbanites will recognise this "flood" sign

12 months ago we had moved out of the old girl and were about 6 weeks into our
renovation. There's still lots to be done, but in some ways it feels like we've been in
the house forever. I guess that means it feels like home. 

 back of the house taking shape

Have a good week everyone


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Sadly I can take take no credit for finishing things around here...

    You have a lovely picket fence. And with the hedge fully grown it means you only have to paint one side! xx

  2. It all takes time and energy doesn't it. What I see is looking lovely though. ;-)

    1. Time, energy and $$$ unfortunately Jenny ! But it's all worth it in the end :)

  3. Looking good. Need to work on Jason-like attire!!!

  4. great post. What is your instagram tag?

    1. Thanks Wendy! My Instagram tag is zooeysmum. Fiona

    2. Ta Fiona. I'll look tonight as I live in a white colonial in Brizzie as well. our old girl is 100 this year.