Monday, September 17, 2012

(Not quite 50) shades of grey: exterior house colours

I am living vicariously through several friends who are embarking on medium to large scale
renovations. One of my friends is about to have the exterior of her Queenslander painted, and 
we have been talking about colour shemes. I wrote here about choosing the 
colour scheme for the old girl, and it's much nicer thinking about this when the pressure is off .....
I think I am enjoying the process a lot more than my friend is!
We both love all the shades of grey that are popular right now. She has decided on
a medium grey, with the verandah railings and the window sills a glossy black.
It's funny how once you start looking at certain colours, you see them everywhere. These
are just a few from the streets around the old girl:

 This is really white but the contrast with the darker trims is 
stunning. There are some black and white striped exterior blinds
along one side of this house and it looks fabulous. 

 in real life this is a greenish grey 

 another beauty just around the corner. I was mortified when 
the owner came from behind the fence with the lawn mower
 while I was surreptitiously taking a photo. He was actually very 
flattered and wrote down the paint colours for me - the main 
colour is Flint Smoke and the trim is Western Myall. 

 same house - I love the dark front door

 another lovely grey 

this is one of my favourite local houses - it's a 
beautiful soft grey with crisp white trims

I know that colours schemes come in and out of fashion, but somehow I think all 
these shades of grey will stand the test of time. I guess we will have to wait
and see.

And an update on the chicken front - still no eggs. 

Two blog posts in three days - I need to have a lie down!



  1. ha ha - not bad for a self-confessed lazy blogger. You live in such a pretty part of the city. I wish my daily walks would take me past beautiful old Queenslanders rather than the brick and tile suburb I live in.
    Kylie x

  2. My husband knows of my indecisive tendency and asked me to get three only samples to select from. I love the greys too. White is so fresh untll it gets dirty and all the other colours are too hot or date so quickly. We started painting our house in January but got seriously side tracked so it is in a half done state and makes me cringe!.
    I got caught photographing somebody's council clean up pile today. It may have looked a tad desperate!

  3. I am still choosing the right grey for Betsy, same as your suburb there are many house repainted in grey turns. I need to stop faffing about and just pick a colour before the entire suburb beats me to it! mel x

  4. You Qlders have the best houses!

  5. I agree with Melinda Queenslanders are such lovely houses. I am trying to convince my neighbor to paint her house a soft grey, it would look so pretty.