Monday, November 14, 2011

little things i love this week

We have been banished from the house this week as the floors are being polished. Feels very strange not to be dropping in every day as I usually do on my way home from work. So I just have some photos of a few things that have gone in that I particularly like:

the long awaited new bath - not quite as tiny as anticipated

this is one of the original doors in the house that my Dad lovingly
restored about ten years ago. I really wanted to keep these doors
in the renovation, and they have all gone back in - this door leads to the little toilet

tapware in the kitchen - the smaller one is a fancy
schmancy water filter

chrome lights above the kitchen bench - not the best
photo but the only one I have

As it gets closer to the day that we move back in, there are also a few choices I have made and things that are now installed where I am not so happy with the decisions made. None of them major but we'll see how things feel after 6 months of living in the house, when I will hopefully be less obsessed and have gained some perspective ....... I wonder if everyone doing a project like this gets obsessed by the details, and if it's normal to be feeling slightly anxious as the final stages are ticked off ? Maybe it's just me - which is why it was so nice to spend the weekend at Byron and to have lunch with some girlfriends here:

view from the Byron Beach Cafe

Brisbane, renovations, and probably most importantly work seemed like a million miles away as we all enjoyed a beautiful long weekend, remembering that what is important is the company of family and friends.


  1. Sounds like it won't be long now with the floors being done. Everything is looking lovely. xx Katherine

  2. It does look really good. And it's hard not to obsess about it all too. Have a nice break! xx