Thursday, November 3, 2011

a blank canvas

It's funny how once you have improved one area of your house, the other deficiencies become glaringly obvious. The driveway is almost finished, and of course now all we can see is the daunting job we have ahead of us to land scape the garden and also finish the area around the pool. We will be doing most of this ourselves.

I am still re-living my recent time in Europe. I grew up with a different set of plants and vegetation over there - geraniums, rhododendrons, roses and camelias, lush green lawns, and bluebells signalling the first few days in spring after the long Scottish winter. On our recent trip I noticed how much care goes into gardens and shop fronts in Germany:

a village bank with a lovely display of

a front garden with autumn display of blooms and small
pumpkins ahead of Halloween

a shop front with the ubiquitous geraniums

I will post some photos here of the "before" landscaping shots. I suspect it will be some time before there are any "after" shots :(

Not only is this a big job, but it's hard to know where to start and what to plant. I love formal hedges which I think reflects the gardens back in the UK - most of those plants are not as suited to the Brisbane climate.

view from the street down the driveway - I am picturing
a hedge along the left hand border along the fence.
Maybe gardenias.

the front of the house - I think a lilly pilly hedge here
would look good

the driveway and path up to side entrance/office.
No ideas for this area yet.

back garden

another view of the back garden

The lovely thing about this time of year in Brisbane is the sudden explosion of all the Jacaranda trees with their unique flowers. I associate them with the onset of summer, but for many of my colleagues they tell me it reminds them of being at University and last minute study for the end of year exams. Either way they are beautiful and sadly all too fleeting.

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