Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 days to go .......

We get "handover" from the builder this Friday. I think this means he hands us back our keys (symbolically) while at the same time handing us the bill for the final installment of the project. I feel like an elastic band that is stretched to the limit and is about to snap - work/home/child/end of school year all contributing in their own way to this. We are moving as much as we can ourselves this weekend, then movers will help with the big stuff on Monday. I have next week off work - the thought of having a cup of tea in the morning on the new verandah and a glass of wine at night is my silver lining this week.

I just have a random selection of photos - will post more next week once I surface.

shiny floors

shower in ensuite

bring on next week

more gratuitous Poinciana photos


  1. It's looking great. It really is. I hope your move goes well. And you're right, it is such a crazy time of year. xx

  2. Hello! It sounds as though we are feeling very similar at the moment!! Thanks for coming past White Verandah... Your house looks amazing! Good luck with the move :)

  3. Hi just wanted to let you know I just found your lovely blog and am your newest follower. Love your renovations, have a lovely day xx

  4. Being such a good friend, I totally forgot about your blog! However, I have just read it all from the first entry, which is the only one I had previously read.

    What a journey - I was with you for so much of it, partly on the renovation front (choices - argh! Everything's nice, someone pick for me...) and partly on your reminiscences about European climate, gardens, Christmas etc. I know very well how much you will miss that - look at your mum's terrace - she could do that with a window box in Terregles Avenue, it's making me a bit tearful thinking about it now.

    Anyway, enough...that way madness lies. You're going to have a splendid Christmas in your fabulous new old home with your soft close loo seat and, just think, when we were wrapped up in Glasgow together, what wouldn't we have given to ask someone over for a swim in our own pool? The grass is as green on both sides really (well, maybe not in your case, unless you get the boy of the house seriously rain dancing!).

    Love as always ♥ x

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  6. Terregles Avenue? I meant Kirkcaldy Road, of course. Senior moment - my mum lives in Terregles now and she has geraniums and giant tomatoes!