Monday, November 7, 2011

Bathrooms in evolution, and the smallest bath known to man

It is amazing how quickly things are happening now. It seems likely that we will be moving back into our old girl in about a month, in time for Christmas. Every day when I visit there have been lots of changes. The big outstanding jobs are finalising all the wiring and electrical connections, and polishing the floors. In the past week the bathrooms have been the main focus.
We chose all the tiles and fittings so long ago that it is interesting to see all of our choices come to life.

We had a fairly traditional bathroom in the house - clawfoot bath in heritage green, pedestal basin and traditional mosaic style flooring, with lots of traditional brass bathroom fittings. We wanted to be a bit more modern with this renovation, but I really wanted to keep our clawfoot bath for the new main bathroom.

the old bath in the bathroom looking a bit unloved - this is day 3 of the renovation
and all the fittings and plumbing had been ripped out. The bath was waiting to
be collected to be resurfaced

by the next day this was all that was left of our bathroom

I took my time in deciding exactly which shade of white we should paint the outside of the bath. Seems ridiculous I know, but anyone who has repainted or renovated will know that "white" is no longer just "white". Hmmmm. It turns out that my indecision was a good thing. When we actually measured the dimensions of the spot for the bath in the new bathroom, we realised that it was too big. To say that was a tense day would be an understatement.
By this stage the house had been raised, the external frame was up along with the initial plumbing. It would have been very hard to accommodate the bath and also have a shower and toilet.......
For a while we thought we would have to install the smallest bath known to man:

This photo does not adequately convey just how tiny this bath was. I think the length was around 1 metre. It would have been useful to bathe our pampered Dalmatian pooch, but would not be useful for much else.

Luckily our builder was able to source a genuine clawfoot bath that will fit and is marginally bigger than the one pictured above. It will still look small. But it's all relative....
So our much loved original clawfoot bath remains heritage green, while we decide what to do with it.

The bathrooms have otherwise been progressing without incident. I know it is ridiculous but I love the soft close toilet seats we have chosen. I found myself today just lifting the seat up and down to watch the smooth motion of the toilet seat. The plumber was showing the man of the house the toilets today and said "Mate, all the women love these". I hate it when I am a stereotype :)

new powder room - yes, with soft close toilet seat

vanity in the hall - awaiting doors and drawer fronts

tiling on the floor and the shower walls
in the ensuite

vanity in the ensuite again awaiting drawer fronts

We chose the light fittings this weekend - I think they will go in this week - and we are waiting for the mirrors to go in.

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