Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the grass is greener

The garden is looking a bit more loved after some attention today. We have laid some turf and it's amazing the difference it makes. The challenge of course will be keeping the grass alive in this heat and the dry conditions. There is rain forecast for the end of the week, and I might get the boy of the house to do a little rain dance for us all.


boy of the house enjoying the new verandah and
practicing his rain dance moves

after - taken from the verandah

side of the house - before

side of the house - after

I have embarked on some little projects with some of my WAC treasures. The first was easy - repainting a vintage style mirror to suit the colours in our powder room area. The second thing I am planning is to revamp the vintage Casala chairs - they need to be sanded and then painted. That sounds as if I know what I am doing - so far I don't think I am fooling anyone, including the helpful man at the paint shop. At least I have chosen a colour - I am loving the Resene colours and Guardsman Red is my favourite:

One of the girls who has an office next to mine at work today had these beauties on her desk and their beautiful scent filled the air:

I wonder if I would tire of these if they flowered all
year round. I doubt it


  1. Love the green grass, ours is crunching under our feet so yes please with the rain dance. Your home is looking fantastic. ;-)

  2. I'd be enjoying that new verandah too!
    Cheers Kylie

  3. The Veranda is fantastic (so is the pool!). Well done. The house is looking great!!
    Jodie x