Monday, July 9, 2012

holiday bits and pieces

I'm watching the tennis and trying not to think about the fact that school is back tomorrow
and I'll have to face the morning routine of cajoling and lunch making with only a few hours sleep.
By rights, being Scottish I should be supporting Andy Murray, but I've been a Roger fan for a long time. 
It's still only the first set and it's a nail biter so far. 

I had a big list of house related stuff I wanted to get done over this past week.
Needless to say most of my little jobs didn't get done, but none of those jobs are going 

 I did find time to visit the lovely Black and Spiro where I 
bought this bedspread - blue, white, red, and polka dots -
what's not to love?

 holidays are always a good time for some 

 crafty stuff at GoMA

 the rules get relaxed when the man of the house
isn't home....

We went camping for a few days in the second week of the holidays. Friends were 
generally incredulous when they heard of our planned adventure.
The comments I heard the most were all along the lines of  
 "mmm, never quite saw you as a camper".
One friend said to me (in mock seriousness, but of course there's
always a grain of truth in these comments): "but how will you manage
without your GHD?" What can I say, my friends know me well.

Anyway, I am pleased to report we had a great time. Thanks
B for including us in your trip  xx

 perfect weather

 how blue is that sky?

 tolerant guinea pigs at the camp site.
they were on the receiving end of a lot of 
love from all the kids - whether they 
wanted it or not

 beautiful weather for a bush walk

 nothing beats a fire, red wine and conversation

I even managed to make it to the finders keepers
markets today and picked up some 
lovely ceramics.

I'm not back at work until Tuesday so am aiming to tackle some of those 
jobs tomorrow. First on the list is trying to finally sort out the window coverings 
in the bedroom. 

As I finish this, Murray has just won the first set. I hope I have 
the stamina to stay up and watch this match as it's going to be a cracker.
Caffeine will be my friend tomorrow.

Night all x


  1. I fell asleep during the second set. I hate it when that happens! Enjoy today.

  2. Such a fantastic match. Murray lost but can be proud of the way he played. And I'm glad Roger won. Caffeine has been very necessary today.

  3. No tennis for me - I've had sick kids keeping me up every night for 2 weeks. Love the bowls you found and the bedcover looks quite lovely too. The most exciting place I have been over the holiday is Coles. Both my kids have had the flu and each had 7 days of high fevers that they conveniently staggered so one of them each has been deathly ill for the entire holidays. Can you tell I am nearly bonkers because of it! melx

  4. Oh Mel you poor thing. There's nothing worse. Hope things improve soon.... Fx

  5. I stayed up too...and have just hit the tired wall...just in time for school pick up! Great match though and I felt for Andy Murray as he was so desperate to win. On another note, - beautiful bedspread. We also did the GOMA art stuff during the holidays, and the sleepovers, but you're braver than me with the camping!

  6. Yes I'm feeling it now. And I had the same reservations about camping - but it's great fun for kids and gives them some of the freedom outdoors that is otherwise lacking these days. But the first coffee I had yesterday on returning to Brisbane felt like it was the best coffee I'd ever had. Fx