Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy camping

our spare room slowly taking shape

School holidays are almost upon us, and I think we are all looking forward to the end
of the week when we can exhale. It's always nice to have a break from the routine of homework, 
and the nagging in the morning to get ready. Though I have to say that by the end of the holidays
 I'm usually really glad to have that routine back again and for school to resume....

We are going camping with some families over the holidays. I'm looking forward to this but
I'm also filled with slight trepidation - you see, I am (hushed tones) - a camping virgin
Shocking I know. How have I escaped it for so long? 
Most of my trepidation actually relates to how cold it's going to be.
 You'd never believe that I lived for 23 years in Scotland. We had a trial run 
in the back garden of putting up the tent. We have borrowed all the gear from
 some friends which is fab - but they are a family of five so it's like the Taj 
Mahal of tents for us. The man of the house and 
I only swore at each other a few times and were still talking to 
each other once the tent was up so I guess that was a success. 

let's hope it all goes this easily in the real world rather than
our back garden

I've had the past two days off work and have been domestically pottering around the house, 
cooking and baking and enjoying being in the house during the day. 
There is a different feeling in the house when the sun is up and it's quiet - I love it.
Wish I got to enjoy it more but work gets in the way.

I'm training him early - nice to see he is thorough and is vacuuming
the inside of the storage cupboard. Love that Dyson.

Have a good week everyone 


  1. Oh have fun you brave thing. good work practicing at home first too, less chance for marital swearing in front of kids from school. and the boy using the Dyson- mine does too, and he mops. if only he would put his shoes away and remember to feed his fish! melx

  2. Can't believe you've never been camping! Great to think we can still do so many things for the first time (at our age!) Hope you enjoyed the serenity ;-) xx

  3. Hope you are having an amazing time camping <3

  4. Thanks ladies - we don't leave til next week but I keep looking at the torrential rain and wondering what Plan B is .......