Sunday, December 25, 2011

our aussie christmas day

We have had a lovely day celebrating Christmas with friends at home.
Looking back on the day, my overwhelming feeling is of gratitude -
grateful that we have such a lovely roof over our heads, grateful for
the delicious food we had, grateful to have such beautiful friends
to share the day with, and grateful to my
colleagues who worked today so that those of us with
younger children could spend time at home.

Merry Christmas!

the verandah neat and tidy before the guests arrive

Place settings - upside down as I can't rotate the
photo :(

pavlova - was gone in 60 seconds - the kids
inhaled it

trampolining - so much for the "only
one kid at a time" rule ....

backyard cricket - with the ubiquitous spotty dog
wanting a piece of the action

A nice end to a lovely day. Our lovely builder gave us
this bottle of champagne at handover and we wanted to
wait for a moment that felt right to open it.
The first Christmas of hopefully many felt like
the right time :)

F x

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  1. What a perfect moment for the m&c!! Sounds like a gorgeous day - happy new year !!!