Friday, December 16, 2011

the art of carpentry

I love all the timber that is integral to the Queenslanders. It was inspiring to see the extension of our old girl take shape, and how the quintessential features like breezeways and archways help to make the new blend with the old. Wood must be such a wonderful medium to work with - I love the smell of new timber, and I think seeing something come together as you create it would be very satisfying. I love my current job but it has no real scope for creativity, and in idle moments when I daydream of alternate careers, I often think about carpentry. I would be hopeless of course, I am fairly clumsy (understatement if you ask my Dad) and would very quickly lose a thumb or an eye. But it's nice to dream .....

breezeway in the hall - apparently they were designed
to promote air flow into rooms and to keep cool. I just think
they look beautiful

we had a fire in the old girl with a gas fire in the hearth
we had to move it as the wall was demolished but
we retained it as a feature - our lovely builders
rebuilt the mantelpiece

looking down the hall from the front door - the
archway looks as if it has always been there but
it is a new addition suggested by our builder
to make the hall look more in proportion -
it now looks great

double hung windows at the front of the house

our builders made all the verandah railings by hand - it
was amazing to watch. Though they did tell me at the end
that it was their least favourite part of the project
as it was very labour intensive

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