Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

January 1st. Inevitably a day of contemplation about the year ahead, resolutions
made and new beginnings. For me, I have vowed this year to
actually see more of my friends, rather than blaming work and home
for being "too busy" to catch up. We'll see how that goes......

In the meantime I have started some of my jobs around the house.
I posted a while ago about the Casala Casalino chairs that I found at my
beloved WAC:

I found five of these at the WAC and was
very happy last week to find another one here to bring
it up to a nice round number

I have read a lot online and in magazines about how to get these beauties looking
good again. They had already been painted so I couldn't follow the instructions
at Fun and VJs posted here. I have also read about getting them re-sprayed like
2Pak at a panel beaters - but it was going to be too expensive. I had even chosen a
lovely Resene Red for the job, but reality hit when I worked out how
much it would cost to get them professionally done.

I am not usually particularly good at this sort of thing, and confided my dilemma to the
lovely people at addVintage. They gave me some advice which involved sanding them
a little and then spraying them myself with this product:

Off to SuperCheapAuto I dutifully went
and bought about 20 cans of this. I knew I would
need a lot as my chairs are such a
dark colour to start with.

So here is the finished result on one of the chairs in our covered outdoor
area downstairs:

I have finished two of the chairs now. It's a steep learning
curve and I think the ones I do at the
end will be much better than the first two - they have a
fewtoo many paint drips from over enthusiastic spraying.

I bought some lovely fabric from etsy to make some
cushions - the chairs are very comfortable but it's nice to
have a bit more padding, and also I think the cushions will hide some
of my mistakes! I think I prefer the green but would
be interested in what you think....

Happy New Year everyone, and may 2012 bring you many
good things



  1. How lucky are you? I rescued three Casalino chairs from a council verge collection a few months ago and have had my eyes peeled for another 2 or 3 since!

    The red looks great - bold, bright and cheery.

    And I like the Melbomba fabric too. Both colours look good :)

  2. I love it all! I'm curious to know how the vinyl paint wears over looks like a nice finish. Isn't mel bomba's fabric the coolest? Thanks so much for the shout-out too. xx

  3. Gorgeous chairs - and gorgeous color! I love when you bite off way more than you can chew and just wish someone else would
    Finish it!!! I have one of those projects at the moment... Oh and red fabric :)