Saturday, January 7, 2012

decorating dilemma

It's funny, when you first move, you focus so much on unpacking the essentials with lots of enthusiasm. As time goes by there are a few remaining boxes and I almost can't bring myself to open them as I am over unpacking - but still have so many things I need to find. Like the iron.... I have been looking distinctly crumpled these past few weeks.

There is also an ever increasing list of little things to do - one of which is curtains/blinds (kind of urgent but $$$ so I am putting it off for a while) and the other is to get some light fittings for a small stretch of hall and the stairway. The stairway is my dilemma - it is quite a high space/void and is also quite narrow. I think a pendant would look great - but what style?

Previously in the old girl, we had quite old fashioned lights:

these were lovely back in the day.
I need to get organised and list these
on eBay. We have three of them. I'll add eBay
to my list of jobs.....

I have been keen to move away from this traditional style, but obviously don't want to go modern either. The internal stairs lead from the hall just beside the kitchen to the rumpus/family area downstairs. This area downstairs has a polished concrete floor and I am trying to give that area a functional but kind of industrial feeling.

this is the hallway at the top of the stairs -
the stairs are on the right

view up the stairs

view down the stairs to the

void above stairs

it is quite a high space - and
quite soulless at the moment

One of the lights/pendants I have been looking at for a long time is the Iron Orb Chandelier from here - there are lots of other beautiful lights in A-M's beautiful store, but I can't find a home for them. The only problem I can see with the orb is that changing the bulbs would be very tricky given it would be hanging over a steep staircase.

Another pendant that caught my eye was this one - but it may be too modern/industrial, and also doesn't actually look that well made.

I love these - so funky.

Any suggestions are welcomed!

We have had a busy week this week. Boy of the house turned 7 - we celebrated quietly but will be having a small pool party next week - I have limited the boys to 6 in total as otherwise all the testosterone will overwhelm me and I'll have to have a lie down. We had lunch on the day at one of our favourite local haunts

Have a good week!


  1. I really likes the wooden stairs. They look very classy.

  2. I love those interstudio lights and A-Ms wire lights. I was going to suggest just a simple bulb pendant light. Empirical Style do a very cool range - edgy/industrial. xx

  3. Thanks :) Brismod the empirical style website is fantastic - thanks for responding! F x

  4. Love the wire lights from A-M and functional!!