Saturday, October 29, 2011


We have just returned from three weeks in Europe to visit family.
I had forgotten how much I love autumn - not a season we see much of here in Brisbane - there is of course a welcomed drop in the temperature and the humidity of summer, but none of the things that I associated with autumn as I was growing up: the rustling of leaves underfoot, the crisp coldness of the early morning air, the leaves and foliage changing colour, gathering conkers, and the roast chestnuts for sale. I loved it all.

We spent most of our time in southern Germany, and also some time in Spain. Probably because we are renovating I noticed a lot about the architecture over there, and also how house/garden proud people are. Once I have sorted out my photos I will post some on here but in the meantime these are a few from my phone taken in Munich.

the back deck in my Mum's house

another view of the deck

trees changing colour in Munich at a fair we went to

more trees......

We got back yesterday and went round to have a look at the house this afternoon.
Lots of changes - kitchen almost in, tiling starting in the bathrooms. I will update soon.

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