Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plantation blinds?

I have posted before about the window covering situation in our bedroom.
We are still deciding what to do, but the man of the house is getting pretty grumpy about
waking as the sun rises every morning.

I love the look of the white Plantation shutters - but they are so expensive....

Also, I am not sure if there is enough space for them on our French doors at the side:

This is the current state of affairs. The doors open out onto 
the verandah and we are not using it at the moment as it's too
much hassle to keep moving the sheet out of the way :(

I think this old but functioning handle juts out too far so that the shutters
would not be in line with the wall, and would not be able to 
be attached to the inside of the window frame.

If anyone has recommendations for Plantation shutters let me know :)

Rain, rain, rain here. I'm so glad our friends got married last weekend and not today.
The boy of the house has a friend for a sleepover tonight so the usually
quiet house has been full of giggles and loud play. I love it.

Have a good weekend everyone


  1. No help here as we have no window coverings at all...but we need some, so I will pay attention to any of the responses. xx

  2. It is complex & I'm not sure I got the best solution...but it works. I used full shutters on the front window-its one of those full windows top to floor. As I couldn't fit shutters inside as there wasn't enough room on the side french doors I had fixed shutters put on the window part so I can open for light but if I want air i have to open the doors.I am happy with the look & think it was worth the price.
    Good luck. wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy! What you describe is exactly what we have - a large double hung window at the front which would suit the full shutters, and then the French doors. I had wondered about having the shutters over just the window so I'm glad to hear that it works for you. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment F

  3. I used shutters in our beach house renovation. And there were expensive but they're probably my favourite feature of the house. They look great from both the inside and outside of the house. If you're planning on using white shutters just got for the ones made of MDF, you don't need real wood as it's impossible to tell the difference. Amber

    1. Thanks Amber. I agree - one of the things I love about them is that they look just as nice on the outside of the house as inside. The other option is Roman blinds but I don't think they look as nice from the outside, and the main double hung window is at the front of the house. I'll definitely look into MDF as that may make it a realistic option. Thanks for commenting F

  4. Your current window coverings are a lot better then ours :)
    Ours only cover about 2 thirds of a window *shy*
    I love plantation shutters but also think that roman blinds would be a nice compromise.


  5. Hi again.Mine are prob. MDF. I definitely did not want wood.I wanted something easier to clean.The shutters are great to block & filter light.And as you say look great from outside. I'd had romans -look good but no such subtlety.
    I had wanted shutters like I saw in Boston -finer in size yet still with a centre bar. -I couldn't source them here. so ,I got the smallest blade i could & had bars to open down the middle of each shutter. -Not the big blades which suit a modern home better.W.

  6. All the bedrooms in my house had two sets of french doors and no windows. I used pull down blinds, mounted inside the top frame. I then used beautiful sheer curtains over the top. That way, the blind would block out the light when you needed it, but still had the look of the doors when not in use. Shutters were way out of my price range.

    TDM xx

    1. Hi TDM. I'm glad your blog mojo is slowly returning :). I have realised that the shutters are too expensive for me too so am looking into Roman blinds - though because it's a 2.7 metre drop they are $$$ too.... Will be the sheets and masking tape for a while longer while I save my pennies. I really like the sound of your blinds and sheer curtains arrangement. Fx

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